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We are the Ministry of Education, Employment & Gender Affairs. From schools, colleges and training programmes to job placement, labour administration and pension inspections, we are a ministry focused on enabling our people to realise their hopes and dreams of becoming productive and valued members of Caymanian society. This process is dependent on the ministry carrying out its core functions of developing and utilising our human capital.

Our Minister sets the agenda for the Ministry and represents the specific and ongoing values and interests of the Caymanian people, which are always a foremost concern. Our Chief Officer, who is the most senior civil servant within the Ministry, supports the Minister and directs our day-to-day operations. A staff complement of over 800 works to meet the Ministry’s objectives in line with public service values and with a particular emphasis on efficiency and effectiveness.

A central objective of our Ministry is to enable our people to acquire the capacities to be successful in the global economy. We believe it is important that we advance and improve critical thinking and understanding amongst Caymanians, young and old, about ourselves and how we fit into the world around us. We value helping our people to thrive economically as we believe this to be a key element of being complete persons with well set social, spiritual, intellectual and cultural anchors.

Schools should be dream factories where better futures are invented. For schools to be dream factories we need world-class staff delivering world-class programmes. Our Ministry strives to implement and maintain these world-class standards as we lay the foundations for enquiring minds to develop into the productive and innovative citizens of tomorrow. We also seek to ensure that programmes delivered on the Ministry’s behalf by third-party contractors meet the same exacting standards. Through these steps we believe we can help young Caymanians fulfil their dreams while ensuring that our work-force of tomorrow meets the future needs of the Cayman Islands.

From schools to libraries and the national archives, from the University College of the Cayman Islands to the preservation and protection of labour and pension standards, we engage daily in different ways with the residents of our verdant Islands. It is our privilege to serve our beautiful country in these vital roles.

We hope you will find what you need on our website. If not, please contact us and we will do our best to assist you. We aim to provide a people-oriented focus and would appreciate your feedback on our service delivery.

Last Updated: 2013-06-21