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The DOA is the operational and extension arm of the Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports, Agriculture and Lands (MEYSAL) and administers programmes for the following agricultural services:

  1. Support for Local Agricultural Production
    • Agricultural Sales
      • Provide agricultural supplies to farmers, backyard gardeners, and the general public to support agricultural production.
    • Crop Production
      • Provide technical advice and extension information on matters relating to the proper care and maintenance of plants and the propagation of vegetable seedlings and fruit trees for farmers and backyard gardeners.
    • Crop Protection
      • Administer programmes to provide plant pest diagnostic services to farmers, backyard gardeners to facilitate the effective management of pests and plant health.
    • Animal Husbandry
      • Provide technical guidance to optimise the productivity of livestock at the farm level.
    • Abattoir
      • Slaughter and dressing of animals for human consumption, in compliance with the regulations and departmental standards and delivery of carcasses to clients.
    • Animal Health
      • Provide ambulatory and surgical service to farm animals including after-hours emergencies.
  2. Plant and Animal Regulatory Services
    • Plant Regulation
      • Regulate the importation and exportation of plant, plant products;
      • Prevent the entry, establishment, spread of new pests and diseases into the Cayman Islands.
    • Animal Regulation
      • Regulate the importation and exportation of animals, animal products;
      • Prevent the entry, establishment, spread of diseases into the Cayman Islands;
      • Manage and control existing diseases.
    • Animal Welfare and Control
      • Reduce the number of stray and neglected animals; educate residents on matters of animal welfare;
      • Investigate complaints of inhumane treatment of animals.
  3. Support for the Development of the Agricultural Sector
    • Provide Advice on Matters Relating to the Agricultural Sector
      • Provision of professional advice and support to MEYSAL on scientific, technical, and strategic matters relating to the agricultural sector by way of providing information for drafting instructions, policy statements, Cabinet Papers, Parliamentary Questions or other requests for information.
    • Services for the Development of the Agricultural Sector
      • Provision of training, educational, marketing, agri-business, promotional, public relations, or logistical services to support the development of the agricultural sector and the enhancement of national food security.

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Department of Agriculture Factsheet