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  • Provide oversight for the delivery of MEYSAL's services and outputs in a manner of achieving optimum productivity.
  • Provide oversight and direction to the Department of Agriculture, which drives the operation and extension services of the sector.

Financial Management

  • Provide financial management and accounting services, planning, execution, recording, and reporting of financial transactions to facilitate the implementation of MEYSAL' programmes and the procurement of goods and services.

Legislative & Regulatory Services

  • Ensure an efficient and effective regulatory framework that will facilitate the following:
    • Sustainable use of resources;
    • Protection of the environment;
    • Development of the agricultural sector;
    • Facilitation of imports and trade;
    • Assurance of food safety;
    • Importation, safe use and distribution of pesticides, in the jurisdiction.

Planning & Policy Services

  • Formulate policies and strategies within the strategic framework of the Cayman Islands Government (CIG) to support the following:
  • Efficient and effective delivery of services to the farming community;
  • Increased domestic production and reduced food importation;
  • Strengthened agricultural sector;
  • Enhanced food, health, and nutrition security.
  • Lead and coordinate all aspects of planning for agricultural development.
  • Coordinate the preparation and submission of Cabinet Papers, briefs, answers to parliamentary questions and other information as requested.

Corporate Services

  • Develop an infrastructure to support the sustainable growth and development of the sector.
  • Provide oversight for and management of the agricultural facilities and properties that fall under MEYSAL.
  • Lead and provide oversight to the recruitment and staffing needs of the Ministry.

Productivity & Competitiveness

  • Increase domestic production, reduce food importation, strengthen the resilience of the sector, and enhance food and nutrition security by making the following available to the farming community:
    • Technological inputs and practices;
    • Incentives, subsidies, and other benefits to advance modernisation;
    • Agri-business ventures.
  • Provide a competitive farming community which aims to increase the agricultural sector's contribution to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
  • Provide financial support to not-for-profit organisations (NPO) as outlined in the following:
    1. The Cayman Islands Agricultural Society (CIAS)
      • Importation of genetics to improve the local livestock industry;
      • Hosting of agricultural shows and awards to highlight the work of farmers and the sector;
      • Assistance with the transmission of information and benefits to the farming community from MEYSAL.
    2. The Cayman Islands Humane Society (CIHS)
      • Provision of spaying and neutering services for animals in its care aiming to control their population in the jurisdiction.

Technical Services

  • Provide policy advice that will lead to the transformation and modernisation of the agricultural sector.
  • Make recommendations for the adoption of policies, strategies, goals, and plans of MEYSAL which will increase competitiveness and sustainable output in the agricultural sector.
  • Provide Agricultural Health, food safety, facilitate trade and other services, through the DOA to the local agricultural sector and international partners.

Collaboration & Strategic Partnership

  • Establish and maintain strategic partnership with regional and international agricultural ministries, departments, and organisations to enhance the development of the Cayman Islands’ agricultural sector.
  • Collaborate with other inter/intra-governmental ministries/department/agencies as well as private sector organisations to enhance the growth and development of the Cayman Islands’ agricultural sector.

Portfolio Responsibilities for Agriculture Factsheet