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  • Education Law 2016
  • Supplement No. 2 published with Extraordinary Gazette No. 28 dated 29th March 2017. THE EDUCATION LAW, 2016 (LAW 48 OF 2016).

  • Progress in Early Childhood Care and EducationProgress in Early Childhood Care and Education
    • In 2013, the Education Quality Assurance Unit (EQAU) completed inspections of privately owned early childhood care and education centres. These inspections confirmed the findings of the Ministry’s Early Childhood Care and Education Unit: that the quality of provision across the early childhood centres is wide and varied.
  • The National Education Data Report 2013The National Education Data Report 2013
    • This report gathers together key performance data at system level. It establishes the overall performance of student populations at the primary school (Year 6) in English and mathematics and also by the various subjects at the end of secondary school (Year 12).
  • Education Documents for Consultation
    • At the beginning of May 2014 parents, teachers, students, Ministry staff, Department of Education staff and other stakeholders were consulted about issues related to school discipline and student behaviour. In particular, views were sought about the code of conduct, home-school agreement and how current policies were being implemented.
  • Strategic Plan for Education 2012-2017
    • The Cayman Islands Strategic Plan for Education (the Plan) covers the education system for the next five years. It sets out the road map for improving the Cayman Islands education system, and the steps that must be taken to continue to build on the successes of the 2011 Education Stabilisation Plan.
  • Early Childhood Care & Education
    • The Ministry of Education, Employment & Gender Affairs established the Early Childhood Care and Education Unit to support their goal "to ensure that all children, regardless of income, special education need or background, have access to high quality early childhood care and education" (Stabilization Plan, January 2011)
  • New Graduation Criteria for Government High Schools
    • The Ministry of Education, Training & Employment has established new criteria for graduation from government high schools. These criteria have been produced following extensive stakeholder consultation and will apply to all students graduating from government schools from June 2014. The criteria from 2014 will, for the first time, include academic criteria.
  • Scholarships
    • The Ministry of Education, Training & Employment is committed to providing students with every possible opportunity to fulfill their education and career goals. The Ministry is therefore pleased to provide our young Caymanians with scholarship opportunities.
  • Valuing Education
    • This April, will launch an initiative aimed at improving public perception regarding the value of education.
  • Codes of Practice: Special Educational Needs
    • Draft Regulations for Cayman Islands schools in relation to provision made for children who are of mandated school age, and early years (birth to 5 years of age), who may have Special Educational Needs (SEN).
  • Special Education Needs Report
    • Compiling this report required numerous hours of interviews with current and past professionals employed within the Ministry of Education, Government agency stakeholders, and most importantly, parents and concerned citizens of the Cayman Islands during the months of October and November of 2006. It may have been uncomfortable for many to provide such direct input, but in all cases, participants were thoroughly honest and passionate in regard to the current system for children with Special Educational Needs (SEN).

Last Updated: 2019-04-04

2019 Education Data Report