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2016-2017 Plan of Action
The Education Plan of Action for 2016-2017 is an operational plan for all government schools in the Cayman Islands. It was developed by representatives from the Ministry of Education, the Department of Education Services, the Education Quality Assurance Unit and government school principals.
Feedback from Avis Glaze - Summary Report
Feedback from Avis Glaze - Summary Report
Education Plan Of Action - Feedback from Avis July 2016
The Ministry of Education, Employment & Gender Affairs is focused on enabling the people of the Cayman Islands to realise their hopes and dreams of becoming productive and valued members of their society. The Ministry works assiduously to carry out its core functions including that of developing and utilising its human capital. The staff are focussed on implementing the Ministry’s objectives in line with public service values and with a particular emphasis on efficiency and effectiveness.