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The Ministry of Education established the Early Childhood Care and Education Unit to support their goal "to ensure that all children, regardless of income, special education need or background, have access to high quality early childhood care and education" (Stabilization Plan, January 2011). The Unit serves the Cayman Islands through:

  • Reviewing and redeveloping early childhood regulations and laws
  • Providing curriculum guidance, professional development and training for early years care and education settings and practitioners
  • Supporting centre owners to ensure they are providing best practice
  • Empowering parents with knowledge about child development and in identifying best practice for their child
  • Encouraging and supporting Caymanians to train and work in the field of early childhood education

Through the development and implementation of the Cayman Islands Early Years Curriculum Framework (CIEYCF), the ECCE Unit aspires to ensure that "Children will be self-confident, resilient, critical thinker who are intrinsically motivated to explore their world through play and active learning, able to clearly and creatively communicate their thoughts and ideas with respect to the people and the world around them" (CIEYCF, 2015, p.9).

The aim of this website is to share and be inspired by best practice. Early childhood care and education settings will be able to access ideas for learning experiences while parents will find information, activities and resources to support them as they support their children. Let's work together to give our children the very best start in life.

Cayman Islands Early Years Curriculum Framework

Research shows that the early years is the most significant period in the growth and development of young children. In order for our children to develop into well rounded, confident adults who are assets to our community, we must begin by supporting them in their early years. As we empower our young children to communicate effectively while exploring their world through play and social interactions, we are guiding them on a positive learning pathway. All children are unique individuals, and as such they develop at different paces and have diverse needs and learning styles. Therefore, they need early childhood care and education practitioners who are equipped for the task.

The Cayman Islands Early Years Curriculum Framework (CIEYCF) is a tool for practitioners to use to develop programmes that meet the needs of the infants, toddlers and young children in their care. The Framework provides learning outcomes for children that are based on international best practice, and activities that are specifically designed to meet the needs of children in the early stages of their development.

In preparation for the development of this Framework, the Ministry responsible for Education consulted with early years stakeholders. The Early Childhood Care and Education Unit was then charged with the responsibility to research and develop the Cayman Islands Early Years Curriculum Framework, taking into consideration the feedback received from the relevant stakeholders.

During the initial consultation meetings with early childhood care and education centre owners and school principals, there was a positive response to this important document. The comments and suggestions from ongoing discussions and the subsequent pilot have been used to inform the content of this Framework. Finally, consultation with educators and other stakeholders provided constructive dialogue and suggestions that have been reflected in the content of the CIEYCF. The willingness of each person to engage in this important process has been greatly appreciated.

The Ministry responsible for Education, through the Early Childhood Care and Education Unit, will continue to offer support as the Cayman Islands Early Years Curriculum Framework is implemented in early childhood care and education centres across our islands. We keenly anticipate witnessing the positive effects that experiences generated from the use of this Framework will have on the lives of our children and the wider community in ensuing years.

Hon. Tara Rivers, Minister of Education, Employment & Gender Affairs

ECCE Curriculum

Education Council Guidelines
for Early Childhood Care and Education Centres. (July 2013).

Cayman Islands: Early Years Curriculum Framework

Early Years Curriculum Framework
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