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The National Consensus on the Future of Education which followed the Ministry’s landmark education conference of 2005 identified 10 strategies for effective reform, one of which was ‘The establishment of a Human Resources (HR) unit within the Ministry, with a Deputy Chief HR Manager dedicated to personnel management within education’. A taskforce was assembled whose objective was to support this strategy by reviewing and making recommendations on the broad range of considerations concerning educator’s terms and conditions of service. To ensure an effective and balanced outcome, the taskforce comprised representatives of a mix of public and private bodies and was chaired by Mr. Conor O’Dea, Managing Director of Butterfield Bank (Cayman) Ltd.

The attached documents are the taskforce’s final report and appendices.

Report: Educatorsí Conditions of Service Task Force

Appendix 1: Terms of Reference for the Teachers Conditions of Service Task Force
Appendix 2: Educatorsí conditions of employment questionnaire
Appendix 3: Annual Salary Scale for Salaried Staff - January 2007
Appendix 4: Working Conditions