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Further and Higher Education institutions should be aware of an announcement made by Bill Rammell, British Minister for Higher Education, in a Written Statement to the UK Parliament on 21 November 2006. This affects funding in both the further and Higher Education sectors.

The Minister announced that home fee status would be given to students from specified overseas territories. This has been given effect through two sets of Regulations; the Education (Fees and Awards) (England) Regulations (SI 2007 No. 779) and the Student Fees (Qualifying Courses and Pensions) (England) Regulations 2007 (SI 2007 No. 778). Copies of these Regulations can be downloaded from

The regulations come into force on 1st September 2007 and affect new and existing students in both Further Education colleges and those on undergraduate courses in the Higher Education sector.

The provision extends the category of student eligible to be counted as a home student for tuition fee and institutional grant purposes. The criteria are that a person will be;

  • An EC national on the first day of an academic year of the course; and
  • Undertaking the course in the United Kingdom; and
  • Has been ordinarily resident in the territory comprising the EEA and Switzerland and the overseas territories throughout the 3 year period preceding the first day of the academic year of the course; and
  • Whose residence in the relevant territory has not for any part of the period been wholly or mainly for the purpose of receiving full time education.

The British Overseas territories are:

British Overseas Territories

  • Anguilla;
  • Bermuda;
  • British Antarctic Territory;
  • British Indian Ocean Territory;
  • British Virgin Islands;
  • Cayman Islands;
  • Falkland Islands;
  • Montserrat;
  • Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie & Oeno Islands;
  • South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands;
  • St. Helena & Dependencies (Ascension Island & Tristan da Cunha);
  • Turks & Caicos Islands;

Overseas territories of other EU Member States

  • Aruba (Netherlands);
  • Faroe Islands (Denmark);
  • French Southern & Antarctic Territories (France);
  • Mayotte (France);
  • Greenland (Denmark);
  • Netherlands Antilles (Bonaire, Curacao Saba, Sint Eustatius and Sint Maarten) (Netherlands)
  • St. Pierre et Miquelon (France);
  • The Territory of New Caledonia and Dependencies (France);
  • Wallis & Fortuna (France)

Please note that this change only affects the level of fees charged by institutions and extends the group of students who can be considered for home fee status. There will be no change to the eligibility criteria for support under the Education (Student Support) Regulations in relation to this concession.

If you have any queries, they should be addressed in the first instance to the Student Loan Company helpline on +44 845 602 0583 or by email to