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  • A new model for the governance of Education Services       
    • A new model for the governance of Education Services was revealed in September, in line with strategy 1 of the government's 10 strategies for education reform. Improved delivery of services to users through more clearly defined lines of communication; added accountability at every level; and the introduction of 'Learning Communities' are just some of the features that make this a sustainable long-term solution for the future.
  • Special Education Needs Report       
    • Compiling this report required numerous hours of interviews with current and past professionals employed within the Ministry of Education, Government agency stakeholders, and most importantly, parents and concerned citizens of the Cayman Islands during the months of October and November of 2006. It may have been uncomfortable for many to provide such direct input, but in all cases, participants were thoroughly honest and passionate in regard to the current system for children with Special Educational Needs (SEN).
  •         A short documentary of progress. Curriculum Film       

    A short documentary of progress.

  • National Consensus on the Future of Education in the Cayman Islands               
    • The National Consensus on the Future of Education in the Cayman Islands document provides the framework for the current education reform process. Published following the Ministry's landmark education conference of 2005, it is the result of contributions from the hundreds of education professionals and representatives of every facet of society, who came together to define the challenges and identify the solutions.
  •         Provision for Physical Education       

    Report on the quality of provision for physical education in schools in the Cayman Islands April 2007.

  •         Scholarships       

    Opportunities and applications details.

  •         Child looking through a telescope School Uniforms       

    Being smart is looking smart. The Ministry is actively promoting smart uniform dress in schools.


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