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Being smart is looking smart. The Ministry is actively promoting smart uniform dress in schools.

School uniforms are about more than just looking smart. A school uniform gives the wearer a sense of pride and discipline. It is an essential part of your child’s education and personal development, as it promotes respect and a strong sense of identity.

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Thankfully this principle is widely supported by the vast majority of parents whose children attend our schools.

We are asking all parents to make sure that their child’s uniform is smart and well-fitted. We ask that uniforms are clean, tidy, in good repair, and are not too large or baggy, as is sometimes the result of following fashions.

From September schools are sending home home children whose uniforms breach school dress code. As well as improving standards, this will allow educators to devote less time to regulating dress and more time to educating children.

Please support your child’s education by making sure that they are dressed properly for school. A school uniform should be a mark of pride, and a statement that you and your child care about education.

Last Updated: 2006-09-21