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Dear Applicant,

We thank you for your interest in submitting your application for a scholarship, to apply for an overseas scholarship please use this link: . You will need to visit our website at to obtain your application form.

You will be required (i) to set up a user name and password and (ii) to complete an eligibility questionnaire.

Once you are deemed eligible, you will be able to select the available scholarship and you will complete the steps and input all of your information there. There are 5 STAGES. You will not be able to move to successive stages until you have uploaded the documents needed in the current stage. Please also note that you MUST complete the paper application, medical form and scan and upload these along with your other supporting documentation. All required forms can be found on our website noted above.

The online portal has the facility to accept uploaded documentation therefore, you will need to scan and save your documents as PDF or MSWord files so that you can upload them to the online portal. You may log back into the online portal at any time prior to the deadline to finish uploading or complete the application. Please also ensure that you carefully select the correct scholarship on the online portal for which you are applying for i.e. TVET, Undergraduate or Postgraduate scholarship.

An application for a university start date of Fall 2019 or Spring 2020 should be submitted during this application period 15th Nov 2018 31st Jan 2019. Do not withhold your application if you have not yet received your university acceptance letter. You should still submit your application on time and submit evidence that you have applied to the university. Do not withhold your application if you have not yet received your final grades. You should submit your most recent transcript and once final grades and transcripts come due after 31st January 2019 you should email them to

Please note that the application period for overseas scholarships is 15th Nov 2018 31st Jan 2019. The application process does not open prior to or after the dates noted.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Scholarship Secretariat further via email at or by telephone at 244-2482.