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Getting to know the National Pensions (Amendment) Law, 2016

Information and FAQ's for Employers, Employees and Pension Plan Providers.

Outline Business Case: NWDA as a National Clearinghouse for Jobs

Review of Employment Policy and Strategy in the Cayman Islands - 2015

A report of the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Employment June 2015 Report

    • The Ministry of Education, Employment and Gender Affairs, along with the Department of Labour and Pensions, has launched public consultation on the Labour Relations Bill, 2015
    • The Ministry and Department invite the public to review the Bill and provide feedback by Monday, 31st August 2015.
  • Minimum Wage

    • As per Section 21 of the Labour Law (2011 Revision) Cabinet established the Minimum Wage Advisory Committee (MWAC) to carry out the necessary research and recommend a minimum wage or wages for the Cayman Islands.
  • National Workforce Development Agency
    • National Workforce Development Agency is to assist applicants with employment-related services necessary to secure and maintain acceptable employment.
  • NWDA Task Force Report
    • In September 2013 a Task Force was constituted to engage in a comprehensive review of the National Workforce Development Agency (NWDA). The Task Force, which was comprised of private and public sector stakeholders, was convened by Cabinet and started its work in October 2013.
  • The Passport2Success Programme
    • The Ministry of Education, Employment & Gender Affairs has developed a national initiative to address the issue of youth unemployment in the Cayman Islands. The National Employment Passport Programme: Passport2Success is a collaboration of the Ministry and a number of private sector partners, particularly The Wellness Centre who finalised the curriculum and coordinated the actual delivery of the programme. The programme aims at improving young Caymanians with their personal and employment skills so that they can succeed in the work place. This programme is the first of its kind in the Cayman Islands and was launched in April 2010.
  • Committee for Persons with Disabilities in the Cayman Islands
    • The Ministry of Education, Employment & Gender Affairs in 2007 formed an advisory body comprised of public and private sector individuals to examine the wide ranging issues impacting the lives of persons with disabilities across the Cayman Islands. The committee has been working on identifying the gaps in service provisions for our persons with disabilities along with promoting public awareness and acceptance of persons with disabilities in our community.
  • Sunrise Adult Training Centre
    • Sunrise Adult Training Centre provides training, support and services for the empowerment, employment and independence of Adults with Disabilities through a team of dedicated and caring staff. Sunrise Adult Training Centre advocates for the rights of, and promotes public acceptance of, Adults with Disabilities as contributing members of society.

Last Updated: 2010-09-27

Getting to know the National Pensions (Amendment) Law, 2016
Information and FAQ’s for Employers, Employees and Pension Plan Providers.