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Public Awareness

  •             Disabilities Committee Planning the Future Brochure       
  •             GIS Spotlight: Person with Disabilities Week           
    Tune in to their surprising and optimistic views on disability, and learn as an occupational therapist advises parents how they can prepare children with special needs to stand tall in life.
  •             GIS Spotlight: Living with Disabilities           
    We continue our focus on persons with disabilities by telling the stories of two remarkable people. They list their daily challenges, but also share how they beat the odds. We also hear how you can support friends and family with disabilities thus allowing them to live as independently as possible.

Report of the Legal Subcommittee for Persons with Disabilities

Through the work completed by the Steering Committee for Persons with Disabilities, it was made clear that to improve the services provided and the overall rights of persons with disabilities, legislative reform is greatly required. A Legal Subcommittee was therefore formed. This subcommittee completed an extensive review of the current laws in place and has made recommendations for reform. Their recommendations can be found in the following report:

LSC Report Final with Appendices

Last Updated: 2010-09-27