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As per Section 21 of the Labour Law (2011 Revision) Cabinet established the Minimum Wage Advisory Committee (MWAC) to carry out the necessary research and recommend a minimum wage or wages for the Cayman Islands.  The MWAC is made up of 12 members with equal representation of employers, employees and independent members and is supported by ex-officio members from the Civil Service.

    Independent Representatives:
  • Mr. Lemuel Hurlston Chairman
  • Mr. Nicolas Joseph Caymanian Bar Association
  • Mrs. Maria Zingapan Director, Economics and Statistics Office
  • Ms. Annette Murphy University College of the Cayman Islands

    Employee Representatives:
  • Mrs. Andrea Williams Business and Professional Women’s Club
  • Mr. Stephen Tatum Cayman Brac and Little Cayman Representative
  • Ms. Lauren Langlois Female Youth Representative
  • Mr. Pierre Connolly Male Youth Representative

    Employer Representatives:
  • Mr. Ian Pairaudeau Cayman Contractor’s Association
  • Mr. Woody Foster Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce
  • Ms. Ahisha Bodden Cayman Islands Society of Human Resources Professionals
  • Mrs. Danielle Wolfe Cayman Islands Tourism Association
    Ex-Officio Members:
  • Mr. Mario Ebanks - Director, Department of Labour and Pensions, or his designate
  • Mr. Adolphus Laidlow - Senior Economist, Economics and Statistics Office
  • Ms. Linda Evans - Chief Immigration Officer, Immigration Department, or her designate
  • Mr. Bruce Smith, Deputy Chief Immigration Officer
  • Mr. Philip Scott, Senior Policy Advisor Human Capital Development, MEE&GA
  • Ms. Tammy Ebanks, Senior Policy Officer (Gender Affairs), MEE&GA (Ministry Liaison)
  • Mrs. Kimberly Kirkconnell - Policy Analyst, MEE&GA (Secretary)