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Published 21st October 2016, 1:35pm

In May 2012, the National Workforce Development Agency (NWDA) was established as a key vehicle for preparing Caymanians to participate in current and future economic opportunities. This agency was created by separating it out from the Department of Employment Relations as part of the realignment of Labour and Pensions administration.

In order to ensure that the NWDA is positioned to meet the needs of stakeholders, the Cayman Islands Government approved, in September 2013, the request put forth by the Minister for Education, Employment and Gender Affairs to constitute a task force and an accompanying Internal Review Committee to engage in a comprehensive review of the National Workforce Development Agency and put forth recommendations aimed at improving the ability of this Agency to carry out the duties for which it was originally set up.

The recommendations put forth by the Task Force are contained in this report and its appendices: