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An Overview

Passport2Success helps young Caymanians improve their skills and succeed in the work place.

It is a new government funded, full time, 11 week National Employment Passport Programme (NEPP) that teaches participants essential personal and career skills, gives them valuable work experience and better prepares them for the world of work.


Message from Hon. Rolston Anglin, JP
Minister of Education, Training and Employment

My Ministry’s research among local employers confirmed that large numbers of high school graduates in the Cayman Islands have not been meeting basic skill standards in important areas such as literacy, communication, problem solving and working in teams.

Increasingly, entry level positions in the workforce require higher levels of education and so it is to my great pleasure to introduce Passport2Success as a remedial measure from my Ministry.

Passport2Success will better equip our young people for the workplace. It will provide them with practical hands-on training, valuable work experience, better occupational, personal and job-specific skills, and ultimately greater choice for their future.

The programme also has clear benefits to employers, as it is designed to improve the general skill levels of the work force, increase levels of employee retention and help tackle social issues such as crime by giving young people a positive direction. This will benefit the wider community and reputation of the Cayman Islands, and ultimately helps to foster a more business friendly environment.

In the not too distant future the Ministry will develop a wide range of TechVoc offerings for the country. These will build on this bridge program allowing citizens to acquire the specialist skills desperately needed by the islands’ businesses!

Passport2Success is a tangible bridge to employment created by the UDP Government and it will provide a Better Way Forward.

I thank the programme’s corporate sponsors, LIME, CML Offshore Recruitment and Butterfield for their generous support and vision. Together we will help build a stronger workforce for the Cayman Islands and provide opportunities for our young people.

Hon. Rolston Anglin, JP


Message from Mrs. Mary Rodrigues
Chief Officer, Ministry of Education, Training and Employment

It is a source of great personal satisfaction that the Ministry of Education, Training and Employment is launching the Passport2Success programme.

This pilot project aims to help our young people to overcome barriers to employment and to enable them to take their place in our society as productive citizens.

Passport2Success will help them to develop the skills they need to find good jobs and to stay employed. This is an ambitious undertaking, however, given the levels of youth unemployment in our country, it is a national priority.

No doubt much will be learned from this pilot that can be used to enhance the programme, as we move forward with the aim of changing lives, one young person at a time.

I encourage young Caymanians to find out more about the programme and register their interest. I also urge parents, teachers, family members and friends to encourage young people they know who could benefit from the programme to sign up.

Mrs. Mary Rodrigues

More information

Shannon Seymour
Phone: (345) 949-9355
Kimberly Huggins
Phone: (345) 244-2417

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Passport2Success Overview
April 2010