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To apply for a place on Passport2Success applicants must fill in and submit a registration form. Forms may be requested using the contact details below or filled in online.

Assistance is available with filling in the form.

Contact for registration:

Shannon Seymour
Phone: 345 949-9355

Role of employers

The Ministry of Education, Training and Employment is looking to partner with local employers who can:

  • provide job placement opportunities for 2 weeks
  • mentor participants
  • provide on the job training and guidance
  • measure and report on performance, attendance and behaviour

The long term benefits of Passport2Success to local employers will be:

  • improved general skill levels of work force
  • an easily accessible means of identifying and recruiting young local talent with a commitment to hard work
  • increased levels of employee retention and lower expenses of staff turnover
  • good community relations and high profile public relations opportunities
  • tackling social issues such as crime by giving young people a positive direction. This is good for the wider community and reputation of the Cayman Islands, and ultimately helps to foster a more business friendly environment.

Research showed that 88% of employers surveyed agreed that NEPP was a useful way forward for up-skilling graduates.

Last Updated: 2010-09-27