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FAQs regarding Education Council Scholarships

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1.   How do I apply for a local or overseas scholarship from the Education Council?

You can apply for a local scholarship by going to the Scholarship webpage at The entire application process in online and you will be required to complete an online application together with other supporting documentation which must be uploaded to the system. You should contact the Scholarship Secretariat for guidance by email:

2.   What are the academic criteria required to qualify for an Education Council Scholarship?

The criteria for the various local and overseas scholarships are noted in each of the relevant application forms. Each application form is available on our website at

3.   What are the deadlines for submission of application forms?

The Overseas scholarship application period is 15th Nov 31st Jan annually. The Local Scholarship application period is 1st March 30th April annually.

4.   Am I able to apply for a scholarship to pursue online studies?

Yes, Education Council Scholarships are available to pursue online studies at the undergraduate level at ICCI and the UWI Open Campus. Online study with an overseas institution is only available at the post-graduate degree level or higher. (i.e. Masters level or higher).

5.   Are scholarships available to pursue certificate programs at UCCI or technical/vocational programmes overseas?

Yes, there are TVET Educational Grants available from the Education Council to pursue non-professional certificate programmes at UCCI and some vocational/technical programmes at overseas institutions. Some of the vocational studies undertaken include automotive technology, electrical technology, ship building, plumbing & construction technology, paramedical, radiology and phlebotomy technology for example. TVET grant forms can be found on our Scholarship website ( and potential candidates are encouraged to communicate with the Secretariat about these opportunities (email:

6.   Am I able to obtain an Education Council Scholarship to attend an overseas institution immediately after I finish High School?

There is provision for persons achieving the required high school grades to attend an overseas institution immediately after high school. These opportunities are noted on the overseas and TVET grant application forms which are found on the scholarship website at (Normal requirements are that an applicant must first complete at least two years of local study first).

7.   Does my acceptance at a local or overseas institution guarantee the award of a scholarship?

No, the acceptance into a university locally or overseas, does not guarantee the award of a scholarship. It forms part of the requirements but other criteria must also be met including but not limited to academics. If you are in doubt please contact the Scholarship Secrtariat at email:

8.   What do I have to do to maintain my local or overseas scholarship?

Both local and overseas undergraduate scholarship recipients are required to achieve a semester GPA of 2.75 (US) / 2:2 (UK) or higher during their first year of studies whether locally or overseas and a semester GPA of 3.0 (US) / 2:1 (UK) or higher during subsequent years of study. Post-graduate scholarship recipients are to achieve a semester GPA of 3.0 (US) / 2:1 (UK) throughout their studies. A Level students are required to achieve grades C, C, C in 3 out of 4 AS subjects taken in the 1st year to continue funding into their 2nd year of studies.

9.   Are scholarship opportunities available to persons who have Special Education Needs and wish to pursue tertiary education?

There are provisions available to accommodate high school graduates with Special Education Needs and applicants are encouraged to communicate with the Secretariat about these opportunities (email:

10.   Are there special considerations for student athletes who represent the Cayman Islands?

Yes, students who continue their athletic training while on scholarship can qualify for adjusted academic requirements as long as they provide ongoing proof of their athlete status. For further details email:

11.   Is career and tertiary education guidance available to me if I am unsure of the post-secondary opportunities available to me?

Yes, the Scholarship Secretariat does offer career and tertiary education guidance to anyone needing assistance. Continued support is offered to Education Council scholars during their post-secondary and tertiary experience.

12.   Are local and overseas scholarship opportunities available to mature candidates?

Yes, both local and overseas scholarship opportunities are available to mature persons who are encourage to contact the Scholarship Secretariat by email: