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National Heroes Day

The flags adorning Heroes Square at National Heroes Day 2008 will be flying the work of some of Caymanís most esteemed artistic talent. The richness of colour and vibrancy they bring to National Heroes Day is reminiscent of the remarkable natural beauty of the Cayman Islands themselves. They are also a fitting tribute to the wonderful array of talent and creative flair which is rife within these islands.

Heartfelt thanks to all the artists who contributed work to National Heroes Day 2008.

From 2007

  • Renate Seffer
  • C.E. Whitney
  • Avril Ward
  • Barbara Holmes
  • The late Gladwyn K. Bush
  • Sheree Ebanks


  • Henry Muttoo
  • April Bending
  • The late Miss Gladwyn K. Bush (Miss Lassie)
  • Janice Brown
  • Dora Williams
  • Elaine Grieve
  • Sheree Ebanks
  • Bunny Holmes
  • Sue Widmer