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National Heroes Day

The Wall Of Honour

On the inaugural National Heroes Day, 27th January 2003, our country paid tribute to 500 nation-builders with the official opening of the Quincentennial Wall of Honour in Heroes Square. On that day, the black granite monument engraved with those 500 names was dedicated, and it remains on permanent display. The Wall of Honour forms part of Quincentennial Square, which includes the Wall of History and Mariners Memorial on Albert Panton Street, and Celebration Park, adjacent to the Courts. The Sister Islands have their own monument, the Wall of Distinction, located in the Quincentennial Park in Cayman Brac. The glass tiles of that monument are etched with the names of individuals who shaped the history of Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.

The names of the 500 Caymanians on the Wall of Honour were chosen by committees from every district of our Islands. This means that those honoured, both living and deceased, were chosen by their peers, family and friends for having made these Islands a better place, in their own way. Though each of these people lived at different times during our Islandsí history and came from all strata of society, they all have in common the qualities of fortitude and discipline upon which the Cayman Islands has built its success. These Honourees, or their representatives, will always be invited to attend the Cayman Islands National Heroes Day celebrations each year.