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Published 21st August 2012, 8:2am

The school year is just about to begin and that means that students need to make the necessary preparations to be ready for the upcoming academic year. Cayman Islands Further Education Centre (CIFEC) students are no exception, and need to be aware of the important dates and activities happening over the next few weeks.

CIFEC students who completed the academic year 2011/2012 must collect their examination results on Monday 27 August, 2012. On this day, students will also be able to access advice and guidance on their next steps from a range of providers, including CIFEC, UCCI, Cayman Islands Government’s Scholarships Secretariat and the Private Schools who offer A Level studies.

Students must report to the Hall on the new CIFEC campus which is now located at 515 Walkers Road (old John Gray High School site) between 8:00am and 4:00pm.

For the students who completed Year 11 in the 2011/2012 academic year, and are now entering CIFEC, there will be a three-step process to their enrolment.

During Step 1, students will come to collect their results and will be able to access advice and guidance about their progression pathways on Tuesday 28 August at CIFEC. At this point, students who are interested in pursuing the CIFEC Dual-Entry Programme, which allows eligible students to spend Year 12 pursuing advanced study at an external programme for credit towards graduation, will be given an opportunity to apply for permission for entry. In order to qualify for the Dual-Entry programme, students must have earned at least 5 Level 2 passes, including English and Mathematics.

Step 2 is for students who choose to study at CIFEC who will have an opportunity to enrol on this day. They will meet with specialist Careers Advisors and curriculum staff to discuss their options and to put together a programme that best suits them.

Step 3 is for all enrolled CIFEC students who will then undertake an intensive Induction Programme on Monday 3 September and Tuesday 4 September, which will introduce them to the year, their rights, responsibilities and activities. The rest of that week will be spent working with Careers Staff to identify the best fit for individual internships.

For more information on the key dates and activities please see the table below.

Furthermore, it is important for CIFEC students to know what will be the acceptable dress code for this upcoming school year. Due to the uniqueness of CIFEC, the uniform is slightly different from that of the other Government high schools.

The dress code for CIFEC is as follows:

  • All Clothing should be ironed
  • Torn, dirty, or frayed clothing is unacceptable

Uniform for Female Students:

  • Plain black shoes/sneakers - minimal heel permitted
  • White, grey or black crew socks
  • Black skirt or pants that fit properly and are worn at the waist. Skirt no shorter than knee length
  • A solid White/Grey/Black blouse/polo shirt with no logo, decoration or pattern
  • Underclothing beneath blouses must be white in colour
  • One pair of stud earrings, should be in good taste, worn in the lower lobe
  • Makeup, nail polish and false nails suitable for working environment only
  • Head Covers that are required for religious purposes are allowed.
  • Hair is to be kept groomed and smart and appropriate for the workplace

Uniform for Male Students

  • Plain black shoes/sneakers
  • White, grey or black crew socks
  • Black pants with pockets, that fit properly and are worn at the waist
  • Solid black belt - no visible underwear
  • A solid White/Grey/Black collared long/short sleeve /polo shirt with no logo, decoration or pattern. T-shirts if worn underneath must be plain white.
  • Hair is to be groomed and smart. No extreme hairstyle, design in the hair or colour
  • Earrings and other types of jewellery should not be worn.
  • No items that display connection to gangs are allowed.
  • Eyebrows are not to be shaved or have designs
  • Head Covers that are required for religious purposes are allowed.

CIFEC has announced that during any month, if all learners achieve the appropriate standard for uniforms then one Friday can be declared a Dress Down Day. On these days, jeans and other more casual clothing, although never clothing potentially offensive to others, are allowed.

If an individual's clothing fails to meet these uniform standards, the student will be asked not to wear the inappropriate item to CIFEC again. If the problem persists, the student will be sent home to change clothes and will receive a verbal warning for the first offense. Progressive disciplinary action will be applied if dress code violations continue.

Dual entry students attending other educational institutions must abide by the uniform code of that institution.

Students attending John Gray and Clifton Hunter High Schools are to still purchase their uniforms from their relevant Home School Associations as their uniform standards have not changed.

For more information please contact CIFEC at 949-3285.
Important CIFEC Dates & Activities

Monday 27 August, 2012
-Results collection for 2011/12 CIFEC students
-Advice & Guidance sessions – including representation from UCCI, Scholarships Secretariat and Private Schools

Tuesday 28 August, 2012
8:00am – 4:00pm
CIFEC Hall and CIFEC Library
-Results collection for all 2011/12 Year 11 students
-Enrolment for CIFEC for 2012/13, including information on fees
-Advice & Guidance sessions – including representation from UCCI and Private Schools
-Careers and Work Placement advice and guidance

Monday 3 September, 2012
CIFEC Induction – Day 1 – All students 8:00am – 2:50pm Rooms to be advised at Enrolment

Tuesday 4 September, 2012
CIFEC Induction - Day 2 – All students 8:00am – 2:50pm Rooms to be advised at Enrolment

Wednesday 5 September, 2012
Work Placement Advice & Guidance

Thursday 6 September, 2012
Work Placement Advice & Guidance

Friday 7 September, 2012
Work Placement Advice & Guidance

Week of Monday 10 September, 2012 Full timetable begins
Advice & Guidance continues