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Contact information for the Principals/Directors of government schools

Published 19th March 2020, 8:31pm

Minister for Education, The Honourable Juliana O’Connor-Connolly reassured the nation of her commitment to the safety and education of the nation’s youth during a Radio Cayman Interview earlier today.

“My goal is to maintain the safety of our students while still ensuring students’ ongoing education. My staff have been working around the clock to implement measures to limit disruptions to their formal education. I fully believe that a nation without education is doomed for disaster. We have a responsibility to ensure that no child in the Cayman Islands will be left behind.”

Further to the announcement of all education institutions closing on Monday, 16 March until 27 April 2020, the Department of Education Services (DES) advises that all government schools have implemented a variety of distance learning techniques and tools to ensure continuation of learning among their students.

“Ahead of the announcement of school closures, we sent out a survey to parents to ascertain their access levels to technology, understanding capabilities vary per household. This aided efforts to implement contingencies for home learning. Further to the 1600 survey responses received so far, each school has provided educational instruction through a combination of channels including paper-based learning packages, a daily timetable, access to online platforms such as the Raz Kids, EDU365 Everest, Study Ladders, Purple Mash, Oxford Owl, Epic as well as access to PowerMath, English and Science Resources online,” stated Acting Director of DES, Tammy Hopkins.

“We encourage parents to create a quiet workspace for children away from distractions and encourage them to maintain good learning and working habits,” Mrs. Hopkins. “This will allow you to simulate the classroom environment and maximise the learning effect.”

Teachers will continue to communicate directly with parents and students through traditional communication methods such as telephone calls, WhatsApp messages and emails as well as through the use of Class Dojo, Edomodo, Google Classroom, Skype and Zoom. The deadline for the parent survey is Friday, 20 March 2020.

Parents who have not received home learning materials or who have additional questions may contact the principal or director of their child’s school using the accompanying information.

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