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National Internship Programme Passes the Baton

Published 21st October 2015, 9:55am

The National Internship Programme’s first recipient has completed her internship and has headed overseas to pursue her tertiary education.

Miss Chaquira Hodgson was awarded a placement at Prosperity Capital Management Limited (PCM) through the National Workforce Development Agency’s (NWDA) internship programme which offers young Caymanians an opportunity to develop their professional skills and to apply their studies through hands-on work experience in an office environment.  The internship provides interns with a chance to network with professionals in various fields of interest and build relationships that may assist in future job opportunities.

Miss Hodgson who began her internship in April 2014, gave some insight into her experience stating that her time at PCM was very memorable and educational.  She had been able to gain experience working in an office setting and learned how to interact with others on a professional level which were skills essential in the business world.  She said, “My advice to any young person would be to take advantage of all opportunities that may arise. It is not always about the money. If you put your best in all that you do you will be greatly rewarded with what you deserve. Overall, I would say that subsequent to this internship I am a different person and I’m very grateful to PCM and proud of myself for taking advantage of this opportunity.”

PCM is very pleased with the programme and because of its success have decided to offer another internship opportunity through the National Internship Programme. In an informal hand over, the internship baton was passed to University College of the Cayman Islands student Miss Kisha Stewart, who began her internship on September 14th 2015. Ms. Doreth Eugene, Deputy Finance Manager at PCM had this to say: “We are very proud of Miss Hodgson and how much she has grown over the course of the internship, both professionally and personally. We feel this programme is very beneficial to young Caymanians as it helps to prepare them for their future careers and we look forward to its continued success as we mentor our new intern, Miss Stewart.”

Miss Stewart recognised that interning at PCM would provide the opportunity to learn some of the desirable skills and knowledge most companies are looking for in their employees. She stated, “In this competitive market, companies are seeking out the brightest and most talented employees that will help in shaping their company for success. This hands-on internship will compliment my studies at university and provide me with an invaluable experience as well as skills and knowledge to help with a smooth transition into the workforce after university when seeking a full-time job.”

She further expressed her gratitude for being provided this opportunity saying, “I applaud Prosperity Capital Management for taking the initiative to partner with the NWDA and for taking time out of their busy schedules to help create a way for young people to learn through hands-on experience.”

Hon. Tara Rivers, Minister for Employment, was extremely pleased to hear of the success of the programme to date.  She said, “I would like to thank PCM for partnering with the NWDA under the National Internship Programme to provide such important opportunities for our young people.  I am delighted to hear how successful the internship was for Miss Hodgson and I am confident that Miss Stewart will reap similar rewards from this experience.”

Manager of Training and Development at the NWDA with oversight for the Internship Programme, Ms. Dianne Conolly stated “This collaboration exemplifies the power of partnerships. These programmes require the commitment of all parties involved, public, private, and academic and the candidate selected to undertake the internship.  Opportunities in the form of internships offer young Caymanians the ability to enhance their employability skills and integrate knowledge and theory in a practical setting, building professional relationships and networks in the selected career pathway.  For local businesses, an internship programme can supply an easily accessible source of highly motivated, experienced or pre-professionals.”

PROSPERITY CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LIMITED is an on-island active investment fund manager and one of the largest Russia-focused asset managers in the world. Founded in 1996, PCM has consistently topped performance charts for emerging market funds.  PCM has offices in London, Moscow and its head office in Camana Bay, Grand Cayman.

The National Internship Programme is a Cayman Islands Ministry of Education, Employment & Gender Affairs and National Workforce Development Agency initiative to provide opportunities for participants to gain practical experience and develop their skills and interests in various occupations.

For more information on the National Internship Programme please email or call 345-945-3114.