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Students from CHHS going over their concern charts for the Assembly.

Published 13th June 2012, 11:21am

More than one billion children attend school – and the BBC wanted to hear from each and every one of them.

On Tuesday, 8 May 2012, The Biggest Assembly was broadcast on the BBC. This event -- the World's Biggest School Assembly -- was put together by BBC World Class, in collaboration with the BBC World Service global conversation programme World Have Your Say.

Over a 24 hour period, a platform was provided for schools across the globe to have their students debate and discuss what really matters to them.

In Grand Cayman the students at Clifton Hunter High School were able to voice what really concerns them through sessions in their tutor groups. Each tutor group then voted to discover its major concern. The concerns went to a forum established to find a universal concern for the school that was shared during the assembly.

Each year group found different concerns to address.

The Year 7 students’ main concerns were family, friends and the importance of these people in their lives. They also worried about violence, crime and terrorism which they feel is increasing locally and globally.

Year 8 students addressed the importance of a good education in order for them to have a successful future, and the importance of family members and of their relationship with God.

For Year 9 students the main concerns were crime and its increasing affect on their lives, the changing society and how children are being reared, and again the importance of a good education.

Year 10 students were concerned about respect or lack of it, the importance of God in their lives, having their family to support them, and also the need for racial and gender equality.

Mrs. Paula Wythe, the ambassador behind the project, was very proud of her school’s participation in this event. She stated, “This is a fabulous opportunity for our students to get involved in a form of global citizenship and to make them more aware of issues in society locally and internationally.”

She continued, “We are extremely proud of the students’ participation and we look forward to being able to do so next year as well.” Minister of Education, Training and Employment the Hon. Rolston Anglin expressed his pride in the school’s participation in the global event. “This was a great opportunity for the Clifton Hunter students and one that allows them to feel empowered! I am pleased that the school was able to participate in this Assembly,” he said. (GIS)