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JGHS Environment Clean-up Day: Members of the John Gray High School Environment and Science Club during their recent campus clean-up.

Published 15th February 2011, 6:35pm

Breathing new life into an old concept, John Gray High School (JGHS) recently re-launched their environment club, this time partnering with the school's science enthusiasts.
Learning Mentor Richard Wildman, one of two teachers heading up the freshly launched JGHS Environment and Science Club, explained that it aims to encourage student involvement in the school - and wider - community.
"Our focus is on helping students become more environmentally aware," he said. "We tend to talk about our surroundings a lot, but amongst the students I don't believe the awareness or participation is where it needs to be.
"The club's key objective is to expose them to Cayman's environment and the issues affecting it, while enhancing environmental literacy and building national pride," he continued.
"We're grateful to companies like AL Thompson and Uncle Bill's, whose donations of brooms, garbage bags, rakes, gloves and hand-claws are already allowing us to achieve our goals."
Recently, (Friday 4 February), the new club got underway with its first campus clean-up. Members' efforts were joined by representatives from the Education Ministry and Department.
That however, was just the beginning of many planned activities. They've since continued with bi-weekly litter collecting and Mr. Wildman explained that members were working to post permanent anti-litter signage around the campus. In the interim, temporary signs have been placed on trees, bulletin boards and in corridors frequented by students.
Other planned activities include the addition of more recycling bins for plastic bottles and aluminium cans, and adding signage to all campus trees which will feature both their local and scientific names.
The club has also introduced tutorial activities which encourage tutorial teachers and their students to find creative ways to beautify their classrooms and immediate surroundings.
"Club members are very enthusiastic and eager to get things going," Mr. Wildman noted. "We started with just a few students and now have well over 60 members."
He also mentioned the club's desire for corporate sponsors, specifying the need for items such as plywood and paint which will be used to make permanent weather-proof signs for campus trees.
To contact the JGHS Environment and Science Club, call Richard Wildman on 938-8557 or email him at Alternatively, you may also contact Science Subject Leader Godfrey Williams at