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Reunion Photo with all 16 Graduates of P2S Cohort #2

I recommend this program because I did it and it helped me! Keep going to the programme even if you have problems at first, do what you have to do to get through

Ryan Graham

Published 23rd December 2011, 11:12am

Exactly 365 days after they were given a chance for success, the graduates of the second cohort of the Passport2Success (P2S) programme relish in their accomplishments. Sixteen of 24 graduates attended the twelve-month reunion on 7th December 2011 at Margaritaville. Each of the students were excited to come together once again to see one another, and share their experiences in the past year.

Each of the individuals in the program has been successful since their graduation in one way or the other. A quick snap shot of data of the student's progression shows that similar to the pilot, employment rates have increased significantly since the programme ended.

At Graduation/December 2010

  • 6 employed
  • 4 employed temporary
  • 1 in school

At 12-month Reunion/December 2011

  • 16 employed
  • 3 studying at UCCI
  • 1 studying at Broward Community College, Florida

Mrs. Shannon Seymour of the Wellness Centre who is the programme coordinator stated in regards to the graduates reunion: "To see all these young people one year later doing so well is very exciting. The programme is bringing about sustainable changes in their lives. They may not have left the programme employed, but they left equipped to be successful in their job search efforts and have demonstrated they now have the skills needed to maintain employment once they achieve it. I am very proud of their hard work"

Some of the graduates in attendance were able to share their experiences in the past year and how the program was able to assist them in finding a job or even a passion in the community.

Ryan Graham, 19, completed the program a year ago and is still successfully employed full time at McAlpine Construction. Ryan celebrated his one year anniversary with the company the very same week of the reunion. Ryan was able to get the job through the work shadowing program which is a part of the P2S curriculum. Ryan commented "I recommend this program because I did it and it helped me! Keep going to the programme even if you have problems at first, do what you have to do to get through"

Betty Brown, 18 is employed at Kirk Supermarket part time and is attending UCCI as a full time student studying for her associates in Business Administration. Betty's dream job is to become a Lawyer and when she heard about the P2S program she decided to just try it. During her time in the programme Betty notes that she learnt how to improve her communication skills as they were her weak point and when asked what she would tell other students interested in the programme she said "Just go for it - put your best into it, it actually helps!"

Shekina Lynch, 18 is employed full time at Kirk Supermarket as an HBC clerk. Shekina found her passion when she went to the P2S programme. Shekina was assigned to work at a local preschool; and there discovered that she really enjoyed working with preschool kids. Shekina is now a big advocate to continue her education and eventually would like to own and operate a preschool. When asked about her future plans she stated "I would like to go to school for early childhood education because I have learnt it's my passion and I discovered it through my work study!"

Erika Flores, 20 is a full time mom to her 4 month old son Santos; she can recall being in the program and being taught about her weak areas such as a self of confidence when communicating. Erika also learnt about the acceptable behaviour for the office environment. Erika is thrilled with the administration arena as well as having high hopes of one day becoming a civil servant. Erika is happy she gave the program a try stating "Give it a shot! You never know until you try"

Tincia Tibbetts, 18 is now a full time employee at the Cayman Islands Corporative Credit Union as a Member Service Representative. Tinicia was enthused about the reunion and the program stating "I like my job! I got it on the last week of the program" Tinicia's dream job is in the banking industry and thanks to the program she was able to not only get into her choice industry but she was able to solidify her writing and communication skills and learnt the importance of punctuality. Excited about her results from the program she said "It's a very good program, you learn a lot, and it's a good opportunity to prepare you for the working world"

Daniella Tbbetts, 19 is Tincia's sister and they share their enthusiasm for the P2S programme. Daniella works full time at Kirk's Supermarket as a scanning clerk; she was able to get this job after she completed the programme. Daniella's dream job is to be a graphic designer and she states "I learnt how to make eye contact and proper introductions; it really is a nice program and a good opportunity".

The programme continues to show strength with each of the cohort's going through the 12- week intensive program. For more information regarding the P2S programme as well as application forms and dates in regards to the start of the next programme, visit

About Passport2Success

The National Employment Passport2Success Programme is a Ministry of Education, Training and Employment initiative. The employment preparedness course is a well developed 12 week programme that is designed to enhance workplace readiness skills for 17 to 20-year-old Caymanians who want to increase their employability. New programmes for two different target groups will begin in January 2012. The programme is sponsored by Butterfield Group, CML Offshore Recruitment and LIME.

Each of the students attending the course receives practical hands-on training, work experience, occupational, personal and job-specific skills, a chance to impress potential employers, and a monthly stipend (pay) with potential performance related bonuses.Passport2Success allows students to customise their programme by choosing from a variety of activities and training modules.

Source: Ministry of Education, Training and Employment (GIS)