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A more holistic approach to identifying and meeting the system's requirements has been taken, and as far as is possible, the advertising of positions has been consolidated.

Peter Beckford, Chief Human Resource Officer

Published 7th February 2007, 5:39pm

The Ministry of Education, Training, Employment, Youth, Sports & Culture has launched its recruitment campaign to fill a variety of job-posts in the education system for the start of the forthcoming academic year. Recruitment advertisements for educators and staff members in Primary and Secondary schools, as well as special educational needs (S.E.N.) positions, are running in press both locally and - for selected posts - internationally, to attract the most suitable candidates to compliment the requirements of the education system and the government's aspirations for the current reform process. The creation of the S.E.N. posts are indicative of the Ministry's commitment to urgently address issues of Special Needs, which currently affect many children in the Cayman Islands. This follows the government's recent publication of a report on the findings and recommendations of leading U.S. educational psychologist, Mr. Brent Holt, who conducted an extensive local survey in partnership with the Education Ministry, to identify the requirements which must be met to best serve local children who are touched by the issue. Job-seekers will also notice positions advertised within the Department of Education Services, the new title to be given to what is currently the Education Department, with the implementation of the new governance model for Cayman's education system, which was publicized last year and take effect from September 2007. The new governance model provides for the adoption of a matrix organizational structure for the revitalized department, which is intended to facilitate more direct and effective communications between functions; higher standards in the delivery of services to schools, learning communities and students; as well as increased accountability for performance. In addition, key positions within Learning Communities are also being advertised. Being another core component of the new governance model, Learning Communities will place a local focus on the provision of education services and resources, enhancing the speed, quality and reliability with which they are delivered to students who need them. This recruitment campaign marks the second consecutive year that the Ministry has taken a more planned and timely approach to recruiting educators to the government education system. The Ministry's Chief Human Resource Officer, Mr. Peter Beckford, said, "A more holistic approach to identifying and meeting the system's requirements has been taken, and as far as is possible, the advertising of positions has been consolidated." Mr. Beckford added, "This will leave us properly prepared for the start of the new academic year." Advertisements for job posts will appear in local press and will also be accessible on the Ministry's website,