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Frank E. Flowers has one-on-one with Cayman Prep sixth formers

The students of Cayman Prep & High School certainly benefited from the frank and open discussions with Mr. Frank E. Flowers.

Mrs. Jean Bahadur, School Principal

Published 12th October 2006, 10:47am

Cayman's man-of-the-moment, acclaimed screenwriter and movie director, Frank E. Flowers, Jr. was back in local High schools again last week for another round of student workshops in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Training, Employment, Youth, Sports & Culture. This follows his September visits to John Gray High School and the George Hicks Campus, which coincided with the Cayman premiere of Mr. Flowers' latest movie, 'Haven'.

As well as revisiting government high schools on the George Hicks campus, this time the young Caymanian Director also engaged students at Cayman Prep & High School, one of Cayman's private schools. The series of sessions focused primarily on the artistic and creative side of Mr. Flowers' experiences, and were designed to promote arts and culture among older high-school children who are studying for IGCSEs or A levels, and who are starting to make choices about further education and careers.

Drama students and aspiring actors and writers at Cayman Prep & High School, got to participate in one-on-one sessions with Mr. Flowers, in which they heard about his own accomplishments and experiences within the film industry. Students then enjoyed the opportunity to ask their own questions, which spanned subjects as diverse as the technical aspects of film-making, routes into the industry and financial rewards.

Hon. Alden McLaughlin, JP, Minister of Education, Training, Employment, Youth, Sports & Culture, was once again appreciative of Mr. Flowers' contributions to local schools, saying, "Frankie's success provides an enticing example to young people of the potential rewards of hard-work, focus, and dedication." The honourable Minister also remarked about how pleased he was to work with private schools on youth initiatives. He commented, "The Ministry promotes partnerships with all its stakeholders, and it is always heartening to join with institutions outside the government system, as well as those within it, to promote shared interests, particularly when it is for the benefit of young people."

Mr. Flowers' sessions were well received by teachers and students alike. Mrs. Marva Buchanan, Drama Teacher at Cayman Prep & High School explained, "The experience of sharing your own words and work with a celebrated artist is one many people dream of." She added, "The students listened intently as Frank E. Flowers related tales of his journey from school in the Cayman Islands to filmmaking in Hollywood. Clearly inspired they were even more excited at his favourable comments about the ideas they had devised and developed for their Drama IGCSE. His visit has made a very positive impact on the work of the group". School Principal, Mrs. Jean Bahadur, was also impressed by the results of the partnership between Mr. Flowers and the Ministry. She reported that, "The students of Cayman Prep & High School certainly benefited from the frank and open discussions with Mr. Frank E. Flowers. His sound advice to them was well received, and his drive, focus and determination to fulfill his lifelong ambitions in the entertainment industry were inspirational. The school wishes to thank the Ministry of Education for including Cayman Prep & High School on Mr. Flowers' very busy schedule."

It is anticipated that Mr. Flowers and the Ministry will seek further opportunities for partnership on projects, which are designed to educate, inspire and involve young people, as well as promote the arts and creative pursuits locally.

Frank E. Flowers Jr. talks with Mrs. Buchanan's IGCSE Drama group

Frank E. Flowers Jr. in Cayman Prep & High School sixth form class

Frank E. Flowers poses with staff and sixth-form of Cayman Prep & High School