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Published 12th February 2007, 2:22pm

Who moved our cheese and what are we going to do about it? That is the question teachers from New Horizons High School were encouraged to ask during a recent change management training course sponsored by Butterfield Bank. Based on the #1 bestselling book by Dr. Spencer Johnson, the 'Who Moved My Cheese?' program uses four simple characters to demonstrate how different people react to changes that take place in their professional and personal circumstances. Some are prepared for it and ultimately do well, while others are taken by surprise and refuse to adapt. Samantha Nehra, Manager of Learning and Development at Butterfield Bank who conducted the teachers' training said "change is inevitable and when it occurs it often causes people to step outside of their comfort zone. Consequently, there is a tendency to feel insecure and uncertain about what is taking place, which can lead to resistance simply because people are unsure about how to cope with what is happening around them. This course provides practical guidance to help participants anticipate and adapt to change more effectively and recognise that their new 'zone of comfort' can be even more satisfying and secure, once the initial short-term discomfort of implementing change has been overcome." Who Moved My Cheese continues to be utilized by organizations all over the world because it serves as a catalyst for assessing current situations and teaches strategies for dealing with, conquering, and welcoming change. The primary message conveyed by both the book and the training course emphasizes that employees need develop the skills to embrace change or else they run the risk of being left behind. "Moving from the larger George Hicks Campus to the school-within-a-school framework has resulted in a number of changes taking place in a short space of time," said Marlene Ricketts, School Leader at the New Horizons High School, "and the cheese experience has been a fun way to help us identify those experiences and our attitudes to change. The programme is easy to follow and the characters are very effective in demonstrating the behaviours which lead to either positive or negative outcomes, and makes this course relevant to all change management situations." Butterfield Bank, who have previously provided training for the school leaders in business plan writing and project planning, will be conducting the Who Moved My Cheese programme with all schools within the new campus.