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Published 22nd July 2010, 1:14pm

The Ministry of Education has advised that construction of the Clifton Hunter and new John Gray high schools will continue despite a decision to re-tender the construction management services for both projects. According to Education Minister, the Hon. Rolston Anglin, the new construction management tender will adjust the phasing of the projects, and thus the requirements for construction management services. "In the 2010 Budget Address, the Hon Premier noted that, in line with the agreement with Her Majesty’s Government, the Ministry of Education would have to establish a plan for a new phased approach to the completion of the two new schools," Minister Anglin explained. "The phasing of the high school projects has changed the scope of the original tender for construction management services, hence the need to re-tender", he said. The Minister also explained that with some demolition necessary, the Ministry has had to balance the timing of this with the demands of the construction schedule, and the educational needs of the teaching staff and students. "Given the importance of the latter, it has been concluded that the next stage of the demolition should be delayed until summer 2011. As a result, the initial focus of the work at the new John Gray High School will be on particular buildings, which educators have prioritised. This will be reflected in the new tender," he stated. To ensure that the re-tender process is completed promptly, the new tender will be advertised shortly. The Minister noted that, in the interim, construction will continue to the greatest extent possible, under the supervision of the Ministry’s project team, which will be supplemented with additional support. Tenders for packages of work at the sites have also recently been advertised and more will shortly follow. "This new work should provide a boost to the local economy and new opportunities for employment," Minister Anglin stated. Working in partnership with the various sub-trades engaged, it is anticipated that the summer period, during which there are no students at school, can be used to progress construction and limit the impact on the educational environment for the coming school year. "The government remains committed to the completion of both schools", Minister Anglin stated, "With the Clifton Hunter High School scheduled to be finished first".