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Published 27th October 2010, 4:4pm

Joint Statement From the Ministry of Education, Training and Employment And Caribbean Mechanical (High Schools 2008) Ltd. Re Mutual Termination of New Schools Contracts Contrary to reports in the press last week, the two high schools projects are not experiencing additional delays. However, the Cayman Islands Government (CIG) and Caribbean Mechanical (High Schools 2008) Limited (CMHSL) have mutually agreed to terminate their interim relationship, which was forged in the immediate aftermath of the general contractor's departure. On that occasion, the Cayman Islands Government assumed responsibility for the CMHSL contracts to ensure the continuation of certain work at the project sites, pending the appointment of a new construction management team. Both parties anticipated that this interim arrangement would be terminated at an appropriate time, and this is exactly what the parties have now agreed to do. The termination of the contracts between CMHSL and CIG is therefore part of the transition process to the management of both projects by the new construction management team. It is anticipated that the new construction management team will shortly mobilise. Work at the project sites will increase to full capacity under their supervision.