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Published 27th May 2015, 2:44pm

Madam Speaker,

It is with great pleasure that I present to this Honourable House the outstanding accomplishments of the Ministry of Education, Employment and Gender Affairs in the area of Information and Communications Technology (“ICT”), and the notable efforts taken to strengthen STEM provision in the schools. The focus and provision of ICT and strengthening of STEM in the schools is a priority for this Government and for myself, as Minister of Education. The Government has invested and continues to invest in charting a course where technology is thoroughly embedded and integrated across the curriculum and in our schools. As it relates to Education, the goals of the Government are to establish the Cayman Islands as a centre of educational excellence, and to prepare students to take advantage of employment and entrepreneurial opportunities that exist in order to excel in the local economy and compete in the global economy. To this end, the Government, through the work of the Ministry of Education, is striving to create learning environments where the ICT infrastructure is strong, and where the use of ICT in the classroom is embedded in all parts of the learning process, in order to create confident and engaged learners.

Download Full Statement Below:

Minister's Statement on Accomplishments in ICT and STEM