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Sir John A. Cumber Primary students proudly explain their project to Minister Tara Rivers.

I always enjoy attending SJACPs end of unit displays. It is wonderful to see the students so enthusiastic about their work and the information they have learned. They are indeed striving towards becoming global citizens.

Hon. Tara Rivers

Published 19th January 2015, 2:8pm

Students of Sir John A. Cumber Primary School (SJACPS) recently held their annual mid-year display of work as part of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP). Hon. Tara Rivers, Minister of Education, Employment and Gender Affairs, Mr. Winston Connolly, Councillor for the Ministry of Education, Mr. Christen Suckoo, Acting Chief Officer, Ministry of Education, Employment and Gender Affairs and Mrs. Shirley Wahler, Chief Education Officer of the Department of Education Services, attended the End of Unit Display on January 15-16, 2015 to see the students’ work that was completed between September 2014 and January 2015.

The display involved students presenting their work to visitors throughout both days in order to demonstrate both their acquisition of the relevant knowledge, skills, and understanding of the content associated with completed units and to illustrate an understanding of broader, more universal concepts such as how and why things that were explored are connected or change.

Most importantly, the display provides an opportunity for all of the students to showcase themselves both as internationally-minded students and unique individuals equipped with the attitudes and attributes expected of contributing members of the local and global community.

 The IB PYP programme is an international programme focusing on the holistic development of the child as an inquirer, both in the classroom and in the world outside. While the programme develops trans-disciplinary skills such as social, thinking, communication, research and self-management, the purpose is to help these young people develop into citizens of the world in relation to culture, language, learning and living together. As an IB school, one of the functions is to keep the parents, and general school community informed of the students’ learning and other actions and activities of the school. 

All year levels are involved with the IB PYP at SJACPS and were on-hand at the open house to talk about what they learned through the programme. Minister Rivers was guided by the students who explained their projects and how these projects evolved. “I always enjoy attending SJACP’s end of unit displays. It is wonderful to see the students so enthusiastic about their work and the information they have learned. They are indeed striving towards becoming global citizens,” said Hon. Tara Rivers. 

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