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Published 28th September 2007, 10:32am

Earlier this month the sites which will become homes to Cayman's three new high school campuses were dedicated in honour of the esteemed Caymanian educators for whom they are named. As construction works got underway, so to did a new blog dedicated exclusively to reporting on the project's progress and documenting the reflections of those involved. The blog, which is called "Building Cayman's future", was masterminded by the Ministry of Education, not just as a means of keeping the community updated but also to document the construction process for posterity. Ministry Chief Officer, Mrs. L. Angela Martins, explained, "We want to engage people in this process. These new campuses will have a profound impact on so many people within our community that we feel it is vital to show their construction in real time and invite everyone, not just those involved in the project, to share their thoughts, hopes and concerns. This blog was the perfect vehicle." Mrs. Martins added, "We in the Cayman Islands are acquiring a global reputation for pioneering best-practices in education. With leading education figures like Professor Heppell already contributing to our blog and showcasing our work internationally, this is the ideal way to share our achievements with the world whilst recording history in the making for ourselves." "Building Cayman's future" can be accessed at: