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The National Workforce Development Agency (NWDA) and Immigration Department Collaborate on online Job Interface for employers and job seekers.

"An employer will register a job with the NWDA who will then vet the job description to ensure it is reasonable..."

Dr. Tasha Ebanks Garcia, Deputy Chief Officer, Ministry for Employment

Published 13th March 2014, 10:20am

In an effort to improve the process of hiring Caymanians the Ministry of Education, Employment & Gender Affairs and the National Workforce Development Agency (NWDA) have collaborated with the Immigration Department and its Boards to develop an online Job Interface for employers and job seekers.

This online job system will provide an efficient way for employers to communicate efforts to hire a suitable Caymanian and an effective way for the NWDA to provide information to the Immigration Department and its Boards that will allow for informed decisions to be made in the work permit process.

Dr. Tasha Ebanks Garcia, Deputy Chief Officer in the Ministry for Employment and who has responsibility for NWDA explained how the new online interface will function.

“An employer will register a job with the NWDA who will then vet the job description to ensure it is reasonable. The system will then identify job seeking clients who broadly meet the requirements of the post and the Employment Services Officer (ESO) at NWDA will review the matches and, with permission from the job seeker, refer candidates that are reasonable for the post. Job Seekers can also themselves view the job posts and self-refer using the online system. It is important to note that once a job is posted with the NWDA, it runs for a period of fourteen (14) days and all referrals must be made within that period of time.”

Dr. Ebanks continued, “The Employer who registered the job will receive notification of matches and will be responsible for reviewing all candidates and determine their suitability. The online system then provides the employer with a section where they can record the outcome of each referral. If the employer chooses to apply for a work permit, the Immigration Department and its Boards will now be able to pull up the referral record and view the list of persons that were referred by the NWDA or self-referred, the rationale for the referral and the reasons the company gave to explain why no suitable applicant was found. This will ensure that the Work Permit Board is aware of every person that was referred or self-referred and the Employer’s rationale for why none of the persons were suitable. The Board can therefore make an informed decision regarding the work permit application and whether to approve it or not.”

This new system aligns directly with the requirements of the Immigration law. Persons who will have access to the jobs posted and who can self-refer for jobs are Caymanians, Persons Married to Caymanians, Persons with Permanent Residency with the Right to Work and Legal and Ordinary Residents.

Minister for Employment, Hon. Tara Rivers, JP, stressed that the development and implementation of this online system was one of the priorities that she campaigned heavily on and saw as a necessary step to help improve the job seeking process and help more Caymanians access employment. Minister Rivers stated, “The development and launching of this online database and interface is a campaign promised fulfilled. The NWDA Immigration online job interface should help simplify and streamline the process of employers seeking employees and job-seekers finding suitable employment.  What we have done is to develop an online system that ensures that the work permit process is transparent and holds employers accountable under the law while streamlining the process so that it is easy for employers to furnish the Immigration Department and its Boards with the information required should they need to apply for work permits. I encourage all employers to register their jobs through the NWDA and to support this process as the government is keen to create a system to assist employers to identify and hire suitably qualified Caymanians for job vacancies prior to applying for original or renewal work permits.”

Minister Rivers also thanked all involved for making this process a reality saying, “The launch of this online interface is one of many key changes we are implementing to support employers and job seekers at the NWDA. The other changes that have been introduced thus far since taking office has been the hiring of critically needed personnel to assist job seekers and to provide and coordinate training opportunities for clients, as well as launching an outreach programme in all the Districts starting this month. I would like to thank the staff in the Ministry, at the NWDA and the Immigration Department who have been working tirelessly to make the online database interface happen. I would especially like to thank Darice Pinedo at Computer Services who built the online interface and who has supported the departments in this process.”

Chief Immigration Officer Ms. Linda Evans was happy with the collaboration between her department and the NWDA. She said, “This online interface will make for a significant positive change in the way Immigration and the NWDA work with each other and will increase the transparency of the work permit process. I encourage all employers and job seekers to take advantage of this system.”

The system went live on February 25th, 2014 and is now available for employers and job seekers through the NWDA website For more information please contact the NWDA at 945-3114 or email

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