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1.	Group of attendees from various companies around island, with Mr Gene Hydes, senior inspector with DER, Mr Shondel Bodden, electrical inspector and Mrs. Jennifer Smith, Acting Director of DER.

Published 27th February 2012, 2:28pm

Many businesses wait until an accident happens before they focus on workplace safety. However the 33 attendees at the recent Department of Employee Relations’ (DER) Occupational Safety and Health Training course are now prepared to proactively upgrade their safety plans. The course, held 16-17 February at Camana Bay, was an intense event. The programme’s modules cover specific safety issues which can be found in the work environment, such as dangers from fire, electricity, and excavations. Each of the employees who took part was able to leave with a working knowledge of, and the ability to identify, hazards. The DER believes this kind of training lessens the possibility of worker injury or illness and promotes a culture of work environment safety throughout the islands. Each of the attendees was anxious to share how they felt after they took the course. Mrs. Colleen Cummings, a property manager at DRCL, commented, “I absolutely recommend taking this course. Safety is vital and the constant need for analysis and being able to have the resources to put in place a safety procedure for the office will promote ultimate care in the work place.” From Woods Furniture and Design, Brian Stacey said, “It was beneficial to myself and to the business; learning about the local laws for safety regulation allows us to be able to put into place a comprehensive safety plan for all of our employees.” Jeffery DaCosta, owner of Paint Pros, came to the course with two of his employees and said, “The entire course is relevant to us. We are one of the companies who are there in the beginning and there again at the end. From this course we plan to enhance our safety procedures to include the safety laws of the islands.” Dart Realty’s Development Project Manager Gary Meek attended the course and came away stating, “It has been a good all around refresher. There are some key changes from the UK and important statistics for the islands. All workers who are involved in the construction business on island should be signed up for this course, because as soon as you walk onto the site you become responsible for yourself and the safety of others around you.” For more information about the Occupational Safety and Health Outreach Programme or training schedules please contact Gene Hydes at (GIS)