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Published 31st January 2012, 9:36am

Statement from The Minister of Education Training & Employment The Hon. Rolston Anglin, JP, regarding The Department of Employment Relations (DER)

Ministry of Education, Training and Employment officials have conducted an initial review of staff allegations brought against Department of Employment Relations (DER) Director Lonny Tibbetts.

Mr. Tibbetts has had an opportunity, while on annual leave, to respond to these allegations.

Based on initial findings, a more thorough investigation is required before the matter can be resolved. To ensure that the investigation proceeds objectively and efficiently, Mr. Tibbetts has been placed on one-month required leave, effective Thursday, 18 February. This is a standard step in any process such as this one.

As the investigation is ongoing, and in the interest of all affected individuals, it would be inappropriate to comment further at this time. This is an HR matter and due process, in accordance with the Public Service Management Law, must be followed.

The investigation’s goal is to achieve a fair and speedy resolution. The Ministry will continue to provide full support for all DER employees, including Mr. Tibbetts, affected by the investigation.