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Tender No: MOE – T1011 - 009

Project scope

On Behalf of the Cayman Islands Government (CIG), the Ministry of Education, Training, and Employment (the Client) intends to proceed with a portion of the concrete work at the New High Schools Project, Clifton Hunter High School Campus.

Description of Services

The services required include, but are not limited to, installation of concrete works per the attached scope.  A full scope of works will be contained in the tender documentation package.


Interested firms will need to meet the following eligibility criteria in order to be considered and evaluated.

  1. Ability to acquire contractors all risk insurance to a minimum value of CI $500,000.00
  2. Companies or individual tenderers must comply with all applicable local laws including business registrations, pension requirements and any other regulations.
  3. Experience in similar projects.
  4. Tenderers are reminded that the bids should be inclusive of all cost necessary for them to conduct business in the Cayman Islands.


The criteria for evaluation and the relative points weighting will be included in the tender documentation, particular attention is drawn to the securing of firms with experience of similar project size and type.

Tender Walk-thru

A MANDATORY tender walk-thru will be held on Thursday, July 22nd, 2010 at 1:30 p.m. at the Clifton Hunter High School Campus.
Collection, Access & Return of Tender Documentation

The drawings and specifications can be collected via CD-Rom from the Ministry of ET&E offices located on the 3rd floor, on Cardinall Avenue.  These tender documents will be available on July 14th, 2010.  Tenders must be returned to the address listed below by 12:00 pm on July 30th, 2010 in an enclosed envelope (sealed) to:

Tender #: MOE-T1011-009
Department Tenders Committee
Ministry of Education
3rd Floor, Cardinall Avenue
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.

Further Information

All tenderers are requested to submit any question they may have no later than five (5) days prior to the tender return date.  These questions and the answers will be posted on our website: three (3) days prior to the tender return date.

Late tenders will not be accepted, CIG will not defray any cost incurred by tenderers.  The Cayman Islands government shall not be bound to assign any reason for not accepting any tender.

Last Updated: 2010-07-13

CHHS Concrete Tender
Building 2
CHHS Concrete Tender
Building 3
Drawings & Specs
Building 1 — 3

Tender Documents

Tender Summary & General Conditions


Addendum #3
For Clifton Hunter Campus
Addendum #3
RFI #2 Response Dated 5 August 2010 as part of the Scope of Work information and complete the pricing in accordance with this Addendum.
Addendum #2
For Clifton Hunter Campus
27 July 2010
Addendum #1Tender# MOE-T1011-009
Tender #MOE-T1011-009 now includes the addendum information as part of the Tender document.
Addendum #3 - RFI #2 Response
Tender N0: MOE-T1011-009 Dated 5 August 21, 2010
Tender No: MOE T1011 - 009 RFI #2
5 August 2010
Addendum #1 - RFI #1 Response Tender N0: MOE-T1011-009
Dated July 21, 2010
RFI #1 Tender#: MOE T1011 - 009
17 July 2010
Appendix 03 - AIA A232-2009
General Conditions for the Contract for Construction
Concrete Tender CHHS
Document 2
CH Concrete Pricing Documents 4B - blank


CHHS Concrete Tender
Building 1