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Tender No: CTC/10-11/MET/005

The Ministry of Education, Training and Employment [the ‘Ministry’] on behalf of the Government of the Cayman Islands invites tenders from eligible and suitably qualified construction or construction management organisations for the procurement of construction management services the new high schools project [the ‘Project’].

The “Project” comprises the completion of certain buildings at two high school campuses, (1) the John Gray High School Campus, and (2) the Clifton Hunter High School Campus, where each site is located in different districts of Grand Cayman. Each campus site is a multi-building educational facility, with external works, under construction and currently in various stages of completion.

The construction management services requires the provision of personnel to manage the completion of the construction activities including the settlement of construction contract obligations, using multiple prime contractors, many of whom may be those previously engaged under the original construction contract as well as other contractors to be procured for works and services not yet awarded.

Organisations shall demonstrate their ability to manage the completion of the Project to the construction values and timeframes mentioned herein and provide an adequate number of staff having suitable skills, knowledge and experience to supervise and manage the required works and services at each site under the direction of consultants who provide project management, and architectural and engineering services. The estimated value of construction activities, for the two sites, to complete construction of the Project is in the range of CI $30m to $36m.
Documents are published on the Central Tenders Committee’s website at Additional information relating to drawings and technical specifications are available in DVD format from the project manager upon acceptance of required submission information.

Tenders should be returned no later than 12:00 noon CST, (Cayman Islands Time), on Friday, 27 August, 2010. For clarification information contact the project manager, David Benoit at .

To determine the eligibility of tender submissions, the following relevant and verifiable submission data is required:

  1. Evidence that the construction management organisation holds, a current business license in the name of the organisation submitting the tender, either:
    1. For locally based organisations: from the Cayman Islands Trade and Business Licensing Board; or
    2. For overseas organisations: from the state, country, or jurisdiction in which the the organisation currently operates, and who are licensed to perform construction, construction management or project management services for construction related projects in accordance with the requirements of the state, country or jurisdiction in which the organisation currently operates; and
  2. Evidence that the organisation and/or partnering entity submitting and signing the tender form has:
    1. at least five (5) years past experience with annual constrution revenue of at least CI $20 million in the construction or construction management of buildings, and
    2. completed construction contracts having a value greater than CI $20 million; and
    3. an existing contract agreement, which is executed, demonstrating that any outsourcing entity intends on being bound by the Construction Management Contract with the Cayman Islands Government.
  3. Evidence that the technical personnel included on the organisation’s staffing plan for each site and who are recommended for selection, possess the following experience:
    1. for senior project managers and senior site superintendents have worked on building construction projects in excess of CI $20 million; and
  4. Evidence that the technical key personnel (senior project managers and senior site superintendents) have worked for the tendering organization for a minimum of two (2) years.

The tender will be awarded to the successful tenderer subject to all applicable Cayman Islands laws. Evaluation criteria will be used to assess tenders to determine the best value for money. The Government of the Cayman Islands is not bound to accept any, or the lowest tender, and can cancel the tender process at any time prior to the award of the tender and shall not reimburse any tendering expenses incurred by tenderers.

Last Updated: 2010-08-06

Tender Documents

Invitation to Tender
Procurement of Construction Management Services ITT.
Notice to Tender No. 1
Construction Management Services
Doc 06 Notice No2115
Construction Management Services, Tender Clarifications
Doc 06 Notice No1
1 John Gray G114
Doc 06 Notice No1
1 Clifton Hunter High School 113
Doc 02
CM Service Invitation to Tender Final 8-5-10
Doc 03
CM Service ITT Form of Tender
Doc 04
Documents to be returned
Doc 5 Appendix 1
Tender Schedule Narrative – Revision 2
Addendum #2
For Doc 5 Appendix 01.
Doc 05 Appendix 02
AIA C132-2009 — Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Construction Manager as Advisory
Doc 05 Appendix 03
AIA A232-2009 — General Conditions of the Contract for Construction
Doc 05 Appendix 04
Conflict of Interests statement
Doc 05 Appendix 05
Organisational Chart- Reporting to Owner
Doc 05 Appendix 06
Construction Manager's Staffing Plan
Doc 05 Appendix 07
Estimate of works complete
Addendum 1
Doc 05 Appendix - 07
Document 5 Appendix 8
Representation of Works in Place
Doc 05 Appendix 09
Doc 05 Appendix 09 - Status of project submittals.
Addendum #3
Document 5 Appendix 9
Doc 05 Appendix 10
Sub-Contractors previously engaged