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Bodden Town Primary School (DTC/EDU/BTPS/NOV14)

Clifton Hunter High School (DTC/EDU/CHHS/NOV14)

George Town Primary School (DTC/EDU/GTPS/NOV14)

John Gray High School (DTC/EDU/JGHS/NOV14)

John Gray High School Construction Site (DTC/EDU/JGHSCS/NOV14)

Lighthouse School (DTC/EDU/LHS/NOV14)

Prospect Primary School (DTC/EDU/PPS/NOV14)

Red Bay Primary School (DTC/EDU/RBPS/NOV14)

Sir John A Cumber Primary School (DTC/SJACPS/NOV14)

East End Primary School (DTC/EEPS/NOV14)

Edna M. Moyle Primary School (DTC/EMPS/NOV14)


Project Scope

On behalf of the Cayman Islands Government, the Department of Education Services invites the submission of tenders from eligible companies for the provision of Security Services to the above-mentioned schools.

The Security Services are required throughout the school year.

Tender documents will be issued on application to interested parties. The tender package will include details of Security Services to be carried out, number of Security Guards and dates and times they will be required. Interested parties may bid to provide services to one or more than one school.

Description of Services

The contracts for Bodden Town Primary School, Clifton Hunter High School, George Town Primary School, John Gray High School, John Gray High School Construction Site, Lighthouse School, Prospect Primary School, Red Bay Primary School, Sir John A Cumber Primary School, East End Primary School and Edna M. Moyle Primary School will commence between January 1st and January 5th 2015 and are expected to end December 31st 2016.


The contracts will be managed by the Department of Education Services.

Eligibility for Tender

In order for the tender to be considered it must include:

1. A copy of a current business license to operate as a security company, or appropriate evidence that such a license has been applied for.

2. Proof of licensure of company and guards under the Private Services Security Law 2007 and the Private Security Services Regulations, 2008.

3. Evidence that the company is in compliance with the Health Insurance Law.

4. Evidence that the company is in compliance with the Pensions Law.

5. A bank reference letter.

6. Cost of service for each year of the contract.

7. Evidence that the company has been in business for a minimum of 3 years.


The successful contractor(s) will be required to maintain a current Trade and Business License and be compliant with all laws of the Cayman Islands throughout the duration of the contract.

Collection and Access to Tender Documents

Tender Documents will be available for collection from November 24th, 2014 from the Department of Education Services, Room 201 – 2nd Floor, 130 Thomas Russell Avenue, Grand Cayman (Telephone 244-1840, 244-1839 or 244-1853).  Tender closes at 12:00 noon on Monday, December 8th, 2014.

The Cayman Islands Government shall not be bound to assign any reason for not accepting any tender and will not defray any cost incurred by applicants.