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Tender Number:   DTC/MOEE&GA/T1516/005


Project Scope

On Behalf of the Cayman Islands Government (CIG), the Ministry of Education, Employment, and Gender Affairs (the Client) intends to proceed with the invitation for Janitorial Services at locations listed below in Grand Cayman

Description of Services


Tender Scope
- The trade scope of work or materials supply being tendered.

Bid Invitation Date- The date in which the tender documents will be available on the Ministry of Education website or available for collection at the Ministry of Education.

Bid due Date- The date the bid price and together with other materials requested in the tender document will be due.

Tender Scope.

Tender #

Bid Invitation Date.

Bid Due Date.

Supply of Janitorial services and supplies at National Workforce Development Agency


July 29th 2015

August 14th 2015.



Interested firms will need to meet the following eligibility criteria in order to be considered and evaluated.

  1. Ability to acquire contractors Public and Employees Liability insurance to a minimum value of  CI $1,000,000.00
  2. Companies or individuals bidders must comply with all applicable local laws including business Trade and Business licenses, pensions, health insurance, labor, Immigration and any other Governmental regulations.(current copies to be included in their submission)
  3. Tenderers must evidence the organizations experience in the performance of similar size and scopes, as established in the invitation to tender document.


The criteria for evaluation and the relative points weighting will be included in the tender documentation, Particular attention is drawn to the securing of firms with experience of similar project size and type.

Collection and Access to Tender Documentation

Further information and instructions on submission of tender, including the form of tender to be submitted and a copy of the invitation to tender document can be collected online located on the Ministry`s Tender website ( ), additionally tender documents can also be collected  at the Ministry of Education, Employment and Gender Affairs.
If you are unable to collect these documents please contact Thomas C. Ebanks Jr. at (345) 244-2486 or (345) 926-2733.

Return of Tenders

Bidders must return all Tender packages, in the enclosed envelope, to the address listed below by 12:00 noon on the bid due date of August 14th 2015.

Tender # (must be included on return envelope)
Ministry of Education, Employment & Gender Affairs
Departmental Tenders Committee
Government Administration Building
133 Elgin Avenue, George Town
Grand Cayman, KY1-9000
Cayman Islands


Further Information

All bidders are requested to submit any question they may have five days prior to the Bid Due Date. These questions and the answers will be posted on our website:  four days prior to the Bid Due Date.

Late bids will not be accepted, CIG will not defray any cost incurred by bidders. The Cayman Islands Government shall not be bound to assign any reason for not accepting any tender.

Thomas C. Ebanks Jr.
Facility Manager
Ministry of Education, Employment and Gender Affairs