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Prequalification Scope: The Ministry of Education, invites General Contractors to prequalify for the phase 2 construction works of John Gray High School to complete the gymnasium (building #6). Contractors who achieve prequalification status may be invited to submit a tender for the Phase 2 construction work. 

Eligibility: General Contractors are required to meet the eligibility criteria which are included as PASS/FAIL in the evaluation section of the Prequalification Documents. General Contractors will be required to provide information regarding insurance and performance bond capability and details of compliance with all Cayman Islands Laws and Regulations including proof of a current trade and business license. Proof of experience on similar projects in excess of $3million within the last six years will also be required.

Request for Proposals: General Contractors will also be required to submit proposals detailing their methodology for the execution of the project, which will also be evaluated against specified criteria.


The criteria for evaluation and scoring the responses are included in the Prequalification Documents. Particular attention will be paid to the following:

  • Experience and past performance of constructing complex buildings including completing school buildings, large gymnasiums and/or similar sporting facilities.
  • Experience and past performance in completing partially-finished buildings, or refurbishing existing buildings of this size and magnitude
  • Experience and past performance in managing and mitigating high risks in projects.
  • The managerial and technical capabilities and capacity to complete the MEPF installation in the gymnasium using the materials that have already been supplied.

Collection of Prequalification Proposals: Prequalification documents can be collected from Monday 21st March 2016, at the reception of the Public Works Department at 370 North Sound Road between the hours of 8:30am and 5:00 pm.

Review and Receipt of Prequalification Documents: Contractors should carefully review all of the prequalification documents and confirm within three days of receipt, that they have received all the documents listed by returning Form RFPQ A. This prequalification procedure is carried out under the aegis of the CTC and completed applications shall be delivered to the CTC at the treasury booths in the public lobby of the Government Administration Building, Elgin Avenue George Town, by 12 noon on Friday 8th April 2016. 

The completed forms and all other documents forming the prequalification application shall be returned in a sealed and unmarked package titled:

CTC/15-16/MEGGA/032 - Prequalification General Contractors JGHS Gym

The Secretary
Central Tenders Committee
Government Administration Building
133 Elgin Avenue, George Town, Grand Cayman, KY1-9000

Site Visit: Contractors are required to attend a site visit at John Gray High School Campus before submitting the prequalification proposal documents. Details of the site visit time and date will be included in the Prequalification Document.

Communications during Prequalification Period: Any general queries or uncertainties of interpretation arising from the prequalification documents should be brought to the attention of the Project Manager, SOLELY utilizing the Prequalification  Administration Forms included in the prequalification package at least five (5) working days prior to the date for return of applications. The requests for information, responses and addenda shall be transmitted by e-mail. 

Late Applications: Prequalification applications received after the time and due date stipulated in the prequalification documents will be received by the CTC, opened only to confirm the source, and returned to the applicant without assessment.

The Ministry of Education (MOE) confirms that: the MOE will not defray any cost incurred by applicants in the preparation of the prequalification documentation nor is the MOE obligated to prequalify any or all of the applicants.

Freedom of Information Law: The Prequalification process and the Applications for Prequalification shall be subject to the Freedom of Information Legislation.