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On behalf of the Cayman Islands Government (“CIG”), the Ministry of Education, Employment & Gender Affairs (“MEEGA”) invites qualified service providers to submit proposals in response to Request for Proposals #NWD-002-2017.

Project Description: Developed by the CIG Computer Services Department (“CSD”), the NWDA has an existing online system that connects jobs seekers with employment opportunities and support employers as they engage in recruitment activities. This Request for Proposals (the “RFP”) is an invitation to submit proposals for the provision of Enhancements to the Existing National Job Link Portal for the National Workforce Development Agency (“NWDA”) as specified in the Deliverables, in the timeframe required by the NWDA.

Bid Documents are available through Proposals must be received before 5PM EST on 16 March 2017 and are to be submitted electronically through the Cayman Islands Government E-Bidding Portal at